001. information


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If there are new happenings on the site, or just something is updated, we'll let you know here, so be sure to check back often.

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Everything you'll need to know about Wo Ai Ni is in this board. Please be sure to read all of the information threads, as they can really help you grasp the concept. If any questions arise, do not hesitate to message a staff member!

002. character corner


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Inside this board is the information about how to fill out your user profile as your application. General claims like a reservation thread and face claims are in here as well.


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Within this board, we have various areas where you can develop your character a bit more. Post a plot page, track your progress or request your own board to post whatever you want inside!


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Inside this board will be fun writing challenges to complete, if you'd like to do so. Sometimes our muses run low, but writing a one-shot or thinking more in-depth about your character can help ignite that fire! This area is completely optional, and if you have ideas for any prompts to add, just send a note to a staff member!

003. the four empires

mt. taikyoku

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divine palace

plum spring


field of flowers

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Located in the center of the Four Great Empires lies what could easily be mistaken as a large, mountainous island surrounded by a vast ocean. In truth, it serves as the heart of the world, and the core of spiritual connections that even exceed beyond the realm of natural understanding. Only those with pure intentions will be able to discern the majestic castle and encounter the mysterious sorceress known as the Oracle.


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mt. kokureishin

wind tunnels

oroko valley


Guarded by Genbu, the Black Tortoise of the North, Hokkan is the largest empire out of the four. It is a vast, cold nation of dense forests, open plains, and mountain ranges. Its citizens are generally nomadic and are ruled by the Hokkan Imperial Family in the capital city of Touran.


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ruined temples

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Considered to have the strongest military power, Kutou is overseen by Seiryuu, the Azure Dragon of the East. Although this nation is known for its quarrels with other countries, it is second-smallest empire. Its flatlands and jungle-like forests are governed by the Kutou Imperial Family from the capital city of Shunrou.


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The smallest of the four empires, Konan is protected by Suzaku, the Vermillion Bird of the South. Rich with trade and fertile soil, this nation was once a target of the famine-stricken Kutou. It has colorful geography of green mountains, forests, plains, and river towns but is plagued with intense rainy-seasons. From the capital city of Eiyou, this nation is ruled by the Konan Imperial Palace.


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scorching deserts


This empire is guarded by Byakko, the White Tiger of the East. Famous for its deserts and scorching heat, Sairou is the second-largest nation. Because of its harsh environment, it relies heavily on trade and its sparse river systems. It is governed by the Sairou Imperial Family from the capital city of Arudo.

004. out of character


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forum games

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Feel like discussing something on the forum instead of the Discord? Are you a guest with a question? Any sort of chatter thread or question thread can go here!

coding corner

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Want to test some codes? Or keep a compendium of post templates that you might use? Go ahead and make a thread here to keep track of all of that!


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first encounter

return to the real world

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This board is guest friendly! Always accepting affiliate requests!


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